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De Petra

Cor Meum Et Papilionem Necklace

Cor Meum Et Papilionem Necklace

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When handcrafted jewelry becomes wearable works of art, our online shop is a treasure trove of creativity, offering unique pieces that blend fine craftsmanship with a touch of the extraordinary.

Malleable Brass Elegance: A malleable brass strap is at the core of our choker bracelets, offering the perfect balance of strength and adaptability. 

Italian Leather Rim: The brass strap is lovingly upholstered with fine Italian leather in a rich cobalt blue shade. This adds a layer of luxury and ensures comfort against your skin. It's a tactile and visual delight.

Rainbow Crochet Delight: The crochet section of the bracelet showcases a vibrant rainbow of colors, a testament to the artistry of handcrafting. Each color represents a stroke of individuality, adding a playful and spirited touch to the design.

Plaster Heart: The centerpiece of this choker is a handmade plaster heart, a symbol of love and connection. It reminds us to wear our hearts on our sleeves, embracing vulnerability and empathy in our daily lives.

Butterfly Jasper and Labradorite: Suspended from the choker is a butterfly-shaped bail, meticulously crafted with the body of a jasper gemstone and wings adorned with labradorite. Jasper represents balance, while labradorite encourages intuition and transformation.

Eye-Shaped Brass Bail: The final bail takes the shape of an eye, a symbol of protection and awareness. It's adorned with stitched leather, adding a touch of texture and intrigue to the design.

"Cor Meum Et Papilio"My heart and the butterfly choker necklaces are more than just accessories; they are expressions of individuality, creativity, and passion for artistry. Each piece reflects the artist's heart and soul, woven into the fabric of wearable art.

  • One of a kind.
  • Ten inches total length.
  • Six inches from Hart to the bottom.

Handcrafted in our atelier in Houston, TX

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