The De Petra collection reflects the earth in stunning sets of unique hand hammered brass jewels, interwoven with fine leather and accompanied by gems, casting spectrums of luminescent beauty. The latest line of bracelets enhances the individuality of the wearer through the powerful textures of each piece. De Petra continues the momentum with inspiring necklaces, fearlessly exhibiting brilliantly sensual shapes and colors that are sure to cause envy. Attractive and vivid natural toned semi-precious stones echo against shimmering crafted pieces of gold hues adorned by elegant accents, beaconing an ageless style rather than a passing trend. The exclusively handpicked selection of stones used in the collection are from around the world, and express both strength and deep spirituality, thus offering a sense of symbolic earthiness to the stylish women who wear De Petra.





With the importance of our commercial relations, we created our logo with the Petra mosaic in mind, drawing a goddess in all her splendor, a symbol of beauty, femininity, and the power that just a woman has, we added our name, and we made it by hand to show our nature.

Lorena Medinilla a transplant from Mexico City has integrated her cultural influences into her designs. Over time with our success in Houston, boutiques such as Tootsies, Khul-Linscomb, and The Museum Shop create a demand to expand later to Anthropologie, Free People, and others which required more production. Lorena's husband, Arturo, is the administrator of operations. Lorena and Arturo remain the sole administrators of the company with the occasional help of their sons and our caring team. We are a proud family business and all handmade in the USA.