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The Second New Orleans Relic Necklace

The Second New Orleans Relic Necklace

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The Second New Orleans Relic Necklace is a unique and handcrafted piece of jewelry that tells the story of a city rich in history and culture.

At the heart of this necklace is a reliquary find from New Orleans, a mother and child image that evokes the city's strong bond to family and community. Above, four pendants dance across a brass chain, each one a unique reflection of New Orleans' vibrant spirit.

On the right side, a gem labradorite adds a touch of magic and mystery. A blue petite follows, its delicate beauty symbolizing the city's feminine charm.

On the left side, a vintage find represents the city's rich history and heritage. A brass hand holding a moonstone adds a touch of whimsy and enchantment.

  • The Second New Orleans Relic Necklace, A treasure to behold. With five pendants dancing, A story yet untold.
  • Ten inches long

Handcrafted in our atelier in Houston, TX

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