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De Petra

Artis Amuletus Pouch

Artis Amuletus Pouch

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Step into the world of mystical protection with our "Artis Amuletus Pouch Necklace," a masterpiece of artistry and spiritual significance. This unique amulet pouch is filled with a collection of tiny quartz crystals, each radiating its healing energy, while the front showcases a prominent plane quartz adorned with the captivating shimmer of labradorite. Handcrafted with meticulous care, this pouch combines the luxurious touch of fine Italian leather with the vibrant hues of vintage huipil textile, culminating in a meaningful fusion of form and function.

Quartz Crystals: Nestled within the pouch are an ensemble of tiny quartz crystals, each possessing its unique energy signature. Quartz is renowned for amplifying intentions, making it the perfect guardian for your spiritual journey. Whether you seek clarity, healing, or protection, these crystals stand as silent sentinels, ready to guide and support you on your path.

Labradorite: The prominent plane quartz on the front is adorned with the enchanting presence of labradorite, a gemstone that captivates with its iridescent play of colors. Labradorite is said to enhance intuition and provide a shield against negative energies, making it a powerful guardian stone.

Fine Italian Leather: The pouch is a testament to craftsmanship, hand-stitched with the finest Italian leather. This tactile and durable material safeguards your precious crystals and offers luxury to your spiritual practice.

Vintage Huipil Textile: The pouch's exterior showcases the rich hues and intricate patterns of vintage Huipil textile, which has been revered for its cultural significance and artistry. This textile carries the stories and traditions of its origin, connecting you to a tapestry of history and heritage.

As you wear this "Artis Amuletus Pouch," you carry the protection and blessings of ancient wisdom and contemporary artistry. It's more than just jewelry; it's a talisman of spiritual significance, a reminder of the protective energies surrounding you, and a testament to the beauty of cultural heritage.

  • The total necklace length is eighteen inches.
  • Brass Golden Plated Chain is fifteen inches.
  • Pouch three inches long by two inches wide.

Handcrafted in our atelier in Houston, TX.


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