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De Petra

Radiant Romance Earrings

Radiant Romance Earrings

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Step into the world of "Radiant Romance" with our captivating earrings—an exquisite fusion of elements that evoke feelings of enchantment and love. Each pair is a symphony of artistry, featuring a champagne baroque pearl pendant nestled within a heart-shaped neon leather framework.

The centerpiece of these earrings is the champagne baroque pearl—a true marvel of nature. Its unique, irregular shape exudes a timeless elegance that's both sophisticated and naturally alluring. The pearl's soft luster reflects the subtle glow of romance, making it a perfect representation of the sentiment that inspired these earrings.

The heart-shaped neon leather cradles the pearl with tenderness and vibrancy. This vibrant pop of color adds a touch of modernity and playfulness to the design, encapsulating the youthful spirit of love's joyous journey.

As you wear these earrings, the "Radiant Romance" they exude serves as a reminder of the beauty found in both the classic and the contemporary. The marriage of the champagne pearl and the neon heart speaks to the blending of tradition and innovation—much like the intertwining of timeless love with the thrill of the present moment.

  • Two and a half inches long

Handcrafted in our atelier  in Houston, TX

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