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De Petra

Elegantia Terrae Tonis Necklace

Elegantia Terrae Tonis Necklace

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Step into the "Elegantia Terrae Tonis" world, a haven for choker bracelet connoisseurs seeking pieces that seamlessly blend artistic craftsmanship with natural beauty. Our online shop is a showcase of exquisite choker bracelets, each meticulously handcrafted to reflect the essence of elegance and the allure of the Earth's treasures.

Malleable Brass Strap: At the heart of each choker bracelet lies a brass strap designed for strength and flexibility. This strap forms the foundation for a piece that is as resilient as it is refined.

Italian Leather Rim: The brass strap is lovingly upholstered with the finest Italian leather in a captivating color. This luxurious leather rim adds a touch of luxury and ensures a comfortable fit against your skin.

Rainbow Crochet Craftsmanship: Adorning the bracelet is a section of rainbow-colored crochet, a testament to the artistry of handcrafting. Each vibrant thread represents a stroke of individuality, adding a joyful and spirited touch to the design.

Petrified Wood Pendant: The centerpiece of this choker bracelet is a pendant bail showcasing a captivating piece of petrified wood. This ancient wood, transformed into stone over millennia, symbolizes timelessness, strength, and connection to the natural world.

"Elegance in Earthtones" choker bracelets transcend the realm of mere accessories; they are wearable stories of artistry and nature's beauty. Each bracelet is a testament to the artist's dedication and the timeless allure of Earth's treasures.

  • One of a kind
  • Seven inches total length.
  • The pendant is two by four inches.

Handcrafted in our atelier in Houston, TX

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